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Don’t give up on Oregon until you watch this speech

Meet the woman behind the glasses…why she’s running…how she’ll force the two parties to work together…and what she’ll do to lead Oregon out of this mess!


“I’m running for governor as an independent leader, unaffiliated with any party, loyal only to the people of Oregon. You don’t have to leave the Democratic or Republican Party to support our campaign, you only have to want a better Oregon. Only you – not the broken political parties – can rescue Oregon from the failures of Kate Brown, Ted Wheeler and Tina Kotek.”

- Betsy Johnson

The Governor Betsy To-Do List

Get control of Portland’s homeless and public safety crisis

Improve public schools failing too many kids

Make Oregon more affordable for working families

Stop taking jobs and job creators for granted

Hold government accountable to deliver for the rest of us

End the state COVID mandates for businesses, schools, and government workers

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It Takes You to Get Betsy on the Ballot

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It Takes People to Make it Happen

It doesn't matter if you voted for Biden or Trump. This is about Oregon. Change begins with you. Join us.

Meet the woman behind the glasses

Betsy Johnson is running for governor as an independent leader unaffiliated with any party and loyal only to the people of Oregon.