Many years ago, I left the Republican Party because it had moved too far right on issues like abortion and gay rights. One of my political heroes was and is Republican U.S. Senator Mark Hatfield who had championed civil rights in Oregon as a young state legislator and throughout his distinguished career in public life. Oregon has a troubled history with racism. The original state Constitution banned Blacks from living here and limited voting to only white men. The KKK had a strong influence in state politics for many years. Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Jews have faced discrimination and acts of intimidation and violence in our state, and still do today. I believe Oregon and America have made important strides in overcoming our racist past, but prejudice and racism still exist. I will confront these issues honestly and directly to protect our citizens and help our state live up to our values.

The gay community continues to face discrimination and threats of violence. I will fight bigotry and discrimination in all forms and protect marriage equality in Oregon.

As Oregon’s independent governor, I will speak out against and act against racism, prejudice, and discrimination in all its forms. I will promote equal opportunity for all Oregonians. My administration will include people from all political parties and will reflect the racial, ethnic, and geographic diversity of our state.