Congressman Kurt Schrader endorses Betsy Johnson

Today, Congressman Kurt Schrader joined former Governor Ted Kulongoski and former Senator Gordon Smith in endorsing Betsy Johnson’s maverick campaign for governor. Schrader is one of dozens of bipartisan endorsements that Johnson has received from Oregonians who are committed to putting the state – and its people – ahead of partisan politics.

“I have been deeply committed in my public service to getting things done and I believe to do that you have to work across the aisle. I think that’s a critical component of any leader, whether they be in Congress, the president or governor of the state of Oregon,” said Schrader.

“People are concerned with the far-right and they’re exhausted with the extremism on the left,” Schrader continued. “It seems the extremes on both sides just want to fight, leaving the rest of us frustrated. I believe Betsy Johnson is the leader Oregon needs to move us forward.”

Johnson has previously received the endorsements of former state Democratic Party Chair Margaret Carter and former Republican gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler. The full list of bipartisan endorsements can be found at

Schrader has served Oregon’s 5th congressional district since 2009. A moderate Democrat, Schrader is a prominent member of the Blue Dog Coalition and the Problem Solvers Caucus, which both seek to work across the aisle in Congress to reach commonsense solutions.