Under Kate Brown, Oregon streets and neighborhoods have become less safe – and in some cases, downright dangerous. Record shootings, murders, drug dealing, overdose deaths, dangerous tent cities, property crimes, and stolen vehicles are now commonplace across the state.

Tina Kotek will only make things worse. Over the past eight years, Brown and Kotek have either led the effort or stood by in silence as violent criminals have been released from state prisons; police departments defunded; mobs, riots and extremist groups allowed to take over streets; public and private property willfully destroyed; and hard drugs – like heroin and fentanyl – made easily bought, sold, stolen, and used on our streets.  

As Oregon’s independent governor, I will not tolerate rising violence, lawlessness, or mob rule. I will not defund or demonize our police, but I will always demand accountability and professionalism from anyone in a uniform. I will work to repeal Oregon’s dangerous, deadly, and failed experiment to legalize hard drugs. I will end Kate Brown’s policy of releasing violent criminals from state prisons. I will defend M11 and veto efforts to weaken it further. I will not disarm law abiding citizens, but I will do more to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, and kids by implementing stronger background checks and raising the age to purchase certain firearms from 18 to 21.  

While murders and violent crimes are hitting record highs, Oregon ranks near the bottom of the 50 states for the number of police officers. As governor, I will boost funding for the state police and for the state training programs and crime labs that support local law enforcement. I will show respect for officers, so more young people, reflecting the broad diversity of Oregon’s population, are inspired to sign up for a career in law enforcement. Every responsible police officer, sheriff, and law enforcement professional in Oregon will know that Governor Johnson has their back. I won’t be afraid to call out local prosecutors who refuse to prosecute, and I will make sure our criminal justice system has the resources and people it needs to carry out and ensure equal justice under the law for everyone accused and arrested of a crime. I will enforce Oregon’s twice-approved death penalty in cases where a judge or jury deems it appropriate for a heinous crime. Lastly, I will use the power of clemency in very limited cases and only with extensive consultation with crime victims and their families.