Governor Ted Kulongoski and Senator Gordon Smith Endorse Betsy for Governor

Portland, Ore. Betsy Johnson is pleased to announce that both Democratic Governor Ted Kulongoski and Republican U.S. Senator Gordon Smith have endorsed her candidacy for governor.

 “I am thrilled that Governor Kulongoski and Senator Smith have endorsed my independent candidacy for governor,” said Johnson. “Like you, they know Oregon needs a really big change in our politics and leadership and are ready to put the people back in charge of our state government. I am truly grateful to have the support from two of Oregon’s finest leaders and citizens.”

- Betsy Johnson


Kulongoski and Smith released the following joint statement with their endorsement:

One of us is a proud Democrat and one a proud Republican. First and foremost, we are Oregonians. But like so many others, we are worried about the state we love.

From the homeless crisis to public safety, to our schools, and to the urban-rural divide, our next governor will have some big problems to solve. We are in complete agreement that Betsy Johnson is the best person to solve those problems. We have both worked with Betsy, and we know she has the courage, the common sense, and the ability to find common ground needed to get Oregon moving in the right direction.”

During their years of public service to Oregon, both Democrat Governor Ted Kulongoski and Republican U.S. Senator Gordon Smith led with independence and integrity. Time after time, they put loyalty to Oregon and Oregonians ahead of partisan politics.

A growing number of current and former Democratic and Republican elected officials have endorsed Johnson’s candidacy. Democrats include State Democratic Party Chair Margaret Carter; Senate Ways and Means Chairman Mark Hass; State Senator Lee Beyer; and former State Senators Avel Gordly,Mike Thorne, and Joanne Verger. They are also joined by former Speaker of the House Phil Lang and former State Representative Jeff Barker.    

Among the Republicans are Knute Buehler, who was the last Republican nominee for Governor of Oregon; former Labor Commissioner Jack Roberts; former Secretary of State Bev Clarno; former State Senators Frank Morse, Sal Esquival, Chris Telfer; former Speaker of the House Larry Campbell; former Co-Speaker Andy Olson; and former State Representatives John Huffman, Rich Vial, and Rob Patridge.