It's Time to Stop Mandate-Mayhem

It’s time to stop Governor Brown’s mandate mayhem. No more nanny-state edicts for private businesses, government workers and schools. No vaccine passports. No more never-ending emergency powers for the Governor or permanent mask mandate powers. Keep schools open for kids and families. 

The people of Oregon don’t respect Kate Brown because they know she doesn’t respect them. Where there is no respect, there will always be less trust. 

Oregon’s government needs to come to work every day respecting the people it serves. Decisions about personal responsibility and family health don’t belong to politicians. Our government should give us reliable information, access to testing, vaccines and masks and then let people protect themselves and their families as they think best. 

It’s time to finally learn to manage Covid rather than let it manage us. After two years we’re all smarter and the circumstances regarding Covid have changed. Our government response needs to get smarter and change as well. 

Everyone knows that wearing a mask walking into a restaurant and then removing it when seated is beyond ridiculous. Forcing kids to wear masks playing sports is just plain stupid. Dumb rules from government only breed more resistance and damage government credibility further.  Closing schools hurts kids’ futures and damages every family’s ability to function. 

Covid is real. It’s a flu that can be deadly. If you’re older, have a weak immune system or are sick, take special precautions. Listen to your doctor. But we cannot shut down, open back up, reverse course, mandate and mismanage our health care, schools and economy any longer. 

I’m fully vaccinated — a three-shot girl. That was my choice. As Governor, I’d encourage and enable masks, testing and vaccine availability. But I’d only mandate that our state government let people make their own decisions.