For too long, politicians like Kate Brown and Tina Kotek have taken jobs and job creators in Oregon for granted. Salem likes to spend the money generated by businesses and jobs but doesn’t seem to care a lick about how and where those dollars come from. Serving in the legislature, I was known as a jobs friendly Democrat, frequently battling my own party to oppose job-killing regulations and working closely with businesses to support investment in our state.

For businesses both large and small, efforts to grow jobs are frequently stymied by politicians who view employers simply as a bottomless ATM for tax dollars. The cost of creating jobs and doing business in Oregon is high – from a 41% increase in state business taxes over just three years to ever-growing costly and complex rules and regulations that seem to change with the seasons.

Recently, Oregon’s largest private employer – Intel – announced it would invest and grow in Ohio instead of Oregon. Sadly, I wasn’t surprised. That will never happen if I am governor. I will personally work with employers to ensure they have what they need to grow here. Although Oregon is a relatively small state, manufacturing is a $33 billion economic engine in our state, employing 214,000 people. I will work hard to protect those jobs. But frankly, it shouldn’t require the intervention of a governor to make sure that every Oregon business – small or large – has regulatory and tax policies and a business climate that are friendly to jobs, investment, and growth. When businesses grow, jobs are created, tax revenues are generated, and people enjoy upward mobility and a better quality of life.

As Oregon’s independent governor, I will be on the side of Oregon jobs and job creators. Whether you make wood chips, computer chips, potato chips or fish and chips, state government doesn’t need to be telling you how to run your business or digging deeper into your wallet. This is especially true in economically hard-hit rural areas that depend on natural resources, small businesses and the tourism and hospitality industries. Farming, fishing, and forest products have a bright future in Oregon, all they need is a governor who will listen and act on their behalf. I will be that governor. I will lead to make Oregon more economically competitive, with taxes that are reasonable and fair; regulations that are restrained and responsible; energy that is affordable; housing that is available and affordable; and an education system that is ready to partner and innovate.