Note from Betsy: They'll come after me next

With Nick Kristof out of the Democratic primary for governor, the public employee unions are now free to target and attack me with their sizable war chest.

Betsy announces her candidacy — as an Independent — in the OR gubernatorial race

Betsy appeared on The Lars Larson Show to talk about the issues facing our state — and she announced that she is now officially unaffiliated with any party.

Note from Betsy: It's Official

For twenty years I led as a pro jobs, pro-choice Democrat proudly serving the people of Northwest Oregon in the legislature. 

Today, I’m officially the people’s candidate for Governor. 

North Coast Citizen - Letter to the Editor: Run Betsy Run!

Betsy Johnson’s candidacy for governor is the most exciting thing to happen in Oregon politics in my lifetime as a voter. I was a child when former Governor Tom McCall was in office, and I remember how proud my mom and Oregonians in general were of Tom McCall. That’s how I feel about Betsy Johnson.