Governor Ted Kulongoski and Senator Gordon Smith Endorse Betsy for Governor

Portland, Ore. Betsy Johnson is pleased to announce that both Democratic Governor Ted Kulongoski and Republican U.S. Senator Gordon Smith have endorsed her candidacy for governor.

 “I am thrilled that Governor Kulongoski and Senator Smith have endorsed my independent candidacy for governor,” said Johnson. “Like you, they know Oregon needs a really big change in our politics and leadership and are ready to put the people back in charge of our state government. I am truly grateful to have the support from two of Oregon’s finest leaders and citizens.”

- Betsy Johnson


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Betsy Johnson’s statement on Oregon Court of Appeals decision on Linn County forestry lawsuit

“Rural Oregonians have suffered the consequences of decisions made by big cities for decades.

I’m not here to discuss the technical, legal arguments, but I do know I stand with the jurors who spoke clearly that timber jobs and towns have been abandoned and we’ve seen the negative impacts of these decisions everywhere from lost school dollars to decreased funding for rural sheriffs’ offices. This victory is being interpreted as a victory for the state.

There should never be a victory for the state that comes at the expense of its people. As governor, I won’t take rural Oregon or job creators for granted.”

– Betsy Johnson.

Betsy’s First TV Ads

Betsy’s first TV ads are live! She’s the only candidate who is running an ad pointing viewers to a full campaign speech where you can hear directly from her about how she’ll get our state back on track.

Remember, Betsy won’t be on the May primary ballot, but you can sign up at to help get her on the general election ballot in November.