The Oregonian: The free-flying Betsy Johnson: Steve Duin column

Betsy Johnson was one of the first women certified by the Forest Service to haul external loads while piloting a helicopter, including the water and retardants used to combat wildfires. She flew helicopters in competitions in the former Soviet Union, and once parked a jet ranger atop the U.S. Bancorp Tower. But she never joined her sister, Patti, stunt-flying with the U.S. Aerobatic team.

It's Time to Stop Mandate-Mayhem

It’s time to stop Governor Brown’s mandate mayhem. No more nanny-state edicts for private businesses, government workers and schools. No vaccine passports. No more never-ending emergency powers for the Governor or permanent mask mandate powers. Keep schools open for kids and families. 

La Grande Observer: Oregon political season heats up, with diverse support for Johnson

Oregon politics have been unusually active this month.

The break-up at the top of Oregon politics begins Friday, Jan. 21, part of a wave of departures of veteran powerbrokers this week.

A rare independent candidate for governor is drawing big names from the old guard among Democrat and Republican politicians, while a Democrat awaits final (or next-to-final) word on whether he’ll make the May ballot.

Democrats and Republicans Unite Behind Betsy Johnson

A coalition of leading Democrats and Republicans announced their endorsement today to elect Betsy Johnson as Oregon’s no-nonsense independent Governor. The group includes former statewide elected officials, Speakers of the Oregon House, state legislators and local officials from across the state.