Note from Betsy: It's Official

For twenty years I led as a pro jobs, pro-choice Democrat proudly serving the people of Northwest Oregon in the legislature. 

Today, I’m officially the people’s candidate for Governor. 

On Friday, I pulled out my phone and with a couple clicks on the Secretary of State website, I joined the 991,360 Oregonians who are unaffiliated with any party. That's a lot of us. While my party label may be different, my bedrock values remain the same. 

I’m running and will serve as an independent leader, loyal only to the people of Oregon. Because only the people, not the broken political parties, can rescue Oregon from the failures of Kate Brown, Ted Wheeler and Tina Kotek. 

To celebrate my new political independence and Oregon’s Birthday today, we’re also unveiling a new website. I hope you like it. 

Oregonians are eager for big change. But change won’t come from the same old politics and leadership. It’s time to put the people back in charge. 

Will you join me? I’m counting on it.

- Betsy