Note from Betsy: They'll come after me next

With Nick Kristof out of the Democratic primary for governor, the public employee unions are now free to target and attack me with their sizable war chest.

Very soon, I expect to see an unrecognizable version of myself on TV sets across the state. Kristof was challenging the status quo failures of Tina Kotek and the iron-grip influence of public sector unions on state government and politics. Our campaign is doing the same.

Now, the only thing standing between Tina Kotek and the Governor’s office…is The Betsy Brigade. You.

I’m running unaffiliated with any party and loyal only to the people of Oregon. Only Oregonians, not the broken political parties, can rescue Oregon from the failures of Kate, Ted and Tina.

Will you help me today? Will you support The Betsy Brigade with a generous donation?

Support The Betsy Brigade!

For me, this comes down to one simple thing: this daughter of Oregon refuses to give up on Oregon without one hell of a fight.

- Betsy