Note from Betsy: This is not the time for Oregonians to fund Washington

Reading my email this morning I nearly spit out my coffee. The state of Washington is moving legislation to put an excise tax on gas that comes through their ports and into Oregon. Essentially, they want to make Oregonians fund their transportation revenue package and we’re not stopping it. This is a crime of opportunity. Oregon is perceived as so weak Washington thinks they can take advantage of us.

The excise tax they propose would conceivably apply to all gas going out of Washington to the west coast, but they have already exempted California.

We need a governor who will do what California did. I’d tell Washington “hell no” we’re not going to stand for this as the costs for everything are already going through the roof including gas prices. With out-of-control inflation and costs of living increases, this is not the time for Oregonians to fund Washington road projects.

When I’m governor, Oregonians won’t get pushed around. Period. Kate Brown remained under her desk as Intel moved billions in manufacturing to Ohio. She needs to act decisively to keep Washington from raising taxes on Oregonians to pay for Seattle roads.