Under Kate Brown and Tina Kotek, Oregon tax collection and government spending has skyrocketed, while the value and quality of services has remained stagnant or gotten worse. In some cases, promised programs have never been delivered. Oregon’s tax system puts too much of a burden on average, middle-class taxpayers and every year lawmakers increase that burden by giving tax breaks away to everyone else while increasing fees and adding new taxes for middle-class families.

Over just three years, the state business tax burden grew a whopping 41%. More and more Oregon companies and company owners are exploring options to move elsewhere. Oregon’s complicated and contradictory tax system is almost designed to discourage job creation, investment, and entrepreneurship, which is ridiculous when you consider that our tax and revenue system is inextricably dependent on growing jobs and personal incomes. This is no way to run a railroad. We need a big change in how we tax and spend in Oregon.

As Oregon’s independent governor, I will work to reduce some taxes and tap the breaks on runaway state spending. I will say no to new taxes, and I will lead to reduce and reform the CAT tax and the estate/death tax. I will dedicate more to the state’s rainy-day fund, so we can ride out inevitable fluctuations in the economy without drastic services cuts or tax increases, and, where appropriate, I will exercise my line-item budget veto authority to stop inappropriate spending by the legislature.