Oregon’s transportation system – vital for our economy and quality of life – has failed to keep up with growing transportation needs and population growth. This failure means longer commute times, more traffic congestion and delayed freight and commerce. For too long, transportation policy in Oregon has been dominated by anti-automobile extremists, empowered by Kate Brown and Tina Kotek, who believe, that if we simply don’t build new road and highway capacity, people will just stop driving their cars and trucks and truck freight will magically bypass Oregon.

As Oregon’s independent governor, I will restore balance to transportation policymaking in Oregon – our roads, highways, bridges, rail, airports, ports, pedestrian, and bike infrastructure. My priorities will be safety and capacity to ensure the efficient movement of people and goods. The highest priority is to get a new I-5 bridge built over the Columbia River connecting Oregon to Washington, and improving a critical trade corridor for the entire West Coast. After decades of dithering and some $250 million already wasted in bridge studies, I will call the question and lead to get a new bridge built. I will support a bridge with or without capacity for light rail and bikes, but I will not let debates over mass transit and bikes further delay a vital piece of national transportation infrastructure currently inadequate to the job and a hinderance to our state economy. As governor, I will oppose all efforts to impose tolling on Oregonians for new or old transportation projects or improvements.